As the old Lithuanian saying goes – "Cleanliness is the source of health“.

"Egluna" is your cleanliness partner – a company that sells hygiene and cleaning products for maintaining a clean environment and personal hygiene. We represent brands that are well-known in Europe for their high quality and excellent service. Our manufacturers have many years of experience, enthusiasm, as well as a strong and responsible team of specialists who share their knowledge and experience with us and encourage both us and our customers to take firm steps towards the creation and improvement of a clean world. The most important thing for "Egluna" is to meet the expectations of its customers and gain their trust.

We have a wide range of cleaning and hygiene products - from various chemical cleaners to floor washing/sweeping equipment, and from hygiene paper to all types of cleaning tools and more! Our wide range of cleaning and hygiene products, and detailed information will help answer all of your questions and find the most suitable solution for you.

We pay a lot of attention to the improvement of our cultural habits of cleanliness by continuously monitoring the cleanliness situation in our country. Thus, we constantly organize the presentations of new products and technologies, and provide detailed information about their usage and benefits.